Tim Tyre Award – Outgoing Senior Varsity Player
Dr. Tim Tyre was the first varsity coach for the Arrowhead Boys Ice Hockey program. He played a key role in establishing the foundation for the success the Arrowhead Boys Ice Hockey program enjoys today. Tim knew that hard work breeds success and the achievements of the program and players over the years is a tribute to the work ethic and dedication he exhibited

The Tim Tyre award goes to and outgoing Varsity senior judged to have exhibited the best level of sportsmanship, attitude and leadership both on and off the ice, and who embodies the high level of spirit and character attributed Coach Tim Tyre.

2013-2014Nick Peterson
2012-2013Andrew Bugliosi
2011-2012Garrett Opay
2010-2011Cal Essig
2009-2010Colin Opay
2008-2009Alex Broderick
2007-2008Brian Peller
2006-2007Alex Koeppen
2005-2006Nick Romans
2004-2005Matthew Retzlaff
2003-2004Joseph Luke Codorin
2002-2003Luke Lundell
2001-2002Tony Codorin