Coach's Awards

The Coaches Award:

Leadership and Dedication

The Coaches Award is presented to the player who most exemplifies the highest level of strong moral character while having the respect of her fellow teammates, coaches, and parents.

On the ice, this person is the one who the team looks to for answers and is consistently awaiting there next motivational step. This person has the team first philosophy and consistently demonstrates this on a daily basis in both practice and games.

Off the ice, this person is a positive vocal leader who is dedicated to the entire team above anything else. She is the person who consistently tries to pull the team together through the best and toughest of situations while maintaining her role on the team.

Team Spirit:

The Team Spirit Award is the player who has a high level of personal character and is highly respected by her fellow teammates and coaches.

On the ice, this person is consistently motivating her fellow teammates in all aspects of the game and always putting the team before one self. She is enthusiastic about participation in practice and games and supports her fellow teammates in all aspects of the game. This player has exemplary sportsmanship qualities which enable the biggest picture of all to be sought; having fun in the game.

Off the ice, this player has a consistent smile on her face and is eager to do whatever is asked. She is friends with a variety of team members and provides an uplifting environment in and out of the ice center.

Perrigo Award:

Coaches pick: Best all around player and most consistent on the offensive and defensive side. This player hussles all the time and is a great leader to her team.

The Perrigo Award is presented to the player who has the hockey skills and attitude sought and respected by the coaching staff, fellow players, opposing opponents/coaches and the entire hockey community.

On the ice, this player is one of the first players on the ice and one of the last to leave. She demonstrates on a consistent basis an all-out effort, using skills to practice and game play to the best of her ability. She is consistently up to the challenge of playing in the most difficult and stressful of game situations.

Off the ice, this player is the one who is not only willing, but demonstrates to the team and coaches, that she does the extra conditioning and improved hockey skill development that will make her a valuable asset to the hockey team.