Mission Statement

The Blue Line Club at Arrowhead High School dedicates itself to the mission of providing opportunities to a wide range of students in the sport of ice hockey. It also pledges to provide an environment in which all student-athletes can achieve their academic and competitive goals. The Blue Line Club strives to provide equitable opportunities for all student-athletes and staff, regardless of gender or ethnic backgrounds.

To honor its mission and that of Arrowhead High School, the Blue Line Club supports the educational aspirations, academic progress and general welfare of the student-athlete. In competition, the Blue Line Club fosters principles of sportsmanship, respect, fair play and athletic excellence. In all of its activities, the Blue Line Club insists on integrity, ethical conduct and accountability.

Our mission on behalf of ...


Provide the resources for student-athletes to pursue their academic and athletic dreams, while shaping their development into adulthood.

Arrowhead High School:

Operate all areas of the Blue Line Club to the highest level of class and quality while accepting our role as a source of school spirit and pride for all faculty, staff, students and alumni of the school.

The Community:

Support the community by contributing positively to Hartland, Wisconsin and serving as a source of pride through the academic achievement of our student-athletes and successful performance in their athletic pursuits.