Registration and Fees


AHS Hockey costs are partially supported by Arrowhead High School, and partially supported by the players. To give you an idea of the costs for a player, typical costs for one season will include the following (this is an estimate and costs are subject to change each year. Please see details in the sections that follow):

  • Regular Fees per player for one season: About $1450 (includes the deposit of about $100).

  • AHS Warm-ups, Team Shirt & AHS Hockey Bag Fees: Approximately $225 per player.

  • Uniforms and Equipment: Players are required to purchase their own WIAA-approved protective equipment, mouth guard, red helmet, red breezers, red gloves, sticks and skates. These are purchased privately and are players’ own out-of-pocket costs, not included in Regular Fees. Price varies for these items. (AHS will provide players’ game and practice jerseys at no charge.)

  • Additional Team and Spirit Wear: Typically, these purchases are optional.

Registration and Deposit

All ice hockey players trying out are required to complete and submit the Arrowhead High School Blue Line Club Registration and Deposit prior to the first day of tryouts. Registration only guarantees a spot a tryouts.

  • Registration: AHS uses TeamSnap to register players. Use this link to register:

  • Mailing Registration Deposit: Once you have registered using TeamSnap, please mail the $100 deposit to the Blue Line Club. Make the check payable to: AHS BLUE LINE CLUB. On your envelope, please indicate BOYS or GIRLS team.

  • The mailing address is:

AHS Blue Line Club

P. O. Box 21

Hartland WI, 53029

Arrowhead-required Athletic Forms

Players and their parents must ensure that the AHS Athletic Office has all the required forms and information on file for the student to participate in AHS athletic programs and AHS Ice Hockey programs.

Regular Fees

The Arrowhead High School Ice Hockey Program is partially funded by the school district, but additional fees are due from each player, each season, as follows:

Players' Ice Hockey Program Fees*: $1,600 per player per season (includes the $100 Deposit each season).

Pay-in-Full or Payment Schedule: Parents/players may pay the annual fee in-full, or they may follow the payment schedule:

  • $100 - Deposit: Paid at registration. Must be turned in before the first day of tryouts.

  • $500 - Installment 1: Due by the last day of tryouts.

  • $500 - Installment 2: Due December 15th

  • $500 - Installment 3: Due January 15th

  • If paying-in-full, please pay by the last day of tryouts.

Additional Equipment Fees:

  • AHS Warm-ups & AHS Hockey Bag Fees: Approximately $225 per player. The cost for these items are due upon placing the order.

Fundraising to offset cost of the program

The Blue Line Club offers a number of opportunities for fundraising each year; by everyone participating in these fundraising activities, it is possible to reduce the individual ice fees for all players. Depending on the success of the fundraising activities and the financial status of the Club, a refund check will be issued to parents at the end of the school year.

Players’ Fees Policy

  • If a player decides to not join an AHS Hockey team after being selected, he /she must communicate the decision to the head coach and the President of the AHS Blue Line Club prior to the first practice so that another player can be considered for the team.

  • The Deposit Fee will only be refunded if a student does not try out.

  • Once the first practice of the season occurs, a player is required to pay 100% of the fees as he/she is considered a committed player.

  • The fee for the regular season will be adjusted under the following circumstances:

    • Injury: A player suffers an injury that prevents him/her from practices and games for at least five weeks. A note from the attending physician, indicating that the injury prohibits the player from participating on an AHS Ice Hockey team, is required for the fee reduction. There will be no reduction in fee if a player participates in any part of the practices even if he/she is not playing in games.

    • Family relocation: A player and their family relocate and the player is no longer eligible to play for an AHS Ice Hockey team.

  • The typical ice hockey season is approximately 15 weeks long. For fee reduction purpose, where qualified with the required note from the attending physician or reasonable proof of family relocation, the season will be divided into 3 segments:

    • The fee reduction/adjustment schedule is as follows:

      • Out 1 to 4 weeks of the season: 0% reduction

      • Out 5 to 10 weeks of the season: 30% reduction

      • Out 11 to 15 weeks of the season: 60 % reduction

  • If a player quits the team by his/her own choosing or is removed for disciplinary, or other reasons, he/she is still liable for 100% of their Player Fees for the season.

  • Financial hardship: If a player’s parents are experiencing financial difficulties that are preventing them from being able to pay the scheduled fee payment, please contact the Blue Line Club to discuss a payment schedule.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • All athletes are expected to have appropriate equipment as specified by WIAA and the head coaches to safely participate in the AHS Ice Hockey program.

  • Players are required to provide their own protective equipment, red helmet, red breezers, red gloves, sticks and skates.

  • Players must purchase the required warm-ups and hockey bag (and red shirts, if on the boys teams).

  • Game jerseys and practice jerseys will be issued to the players at no additional charge. Helmet stickers will be provided to the players.

  • Game jerseys must be returned at the end of the season in good condition or the player will be billed for replacements costs.

Mouth Guard

All players are required to wear sport mouth guards appropriate for ice hockey during practice and games.

Team Warm-Up Wear and Team Hockey Bags

Upon selection to the JV or Varsity team, each player will be required to purchase a team warm-up (jacket and pants), and a team hockey bag (and red shirt, if on the boys’ teams). These items will be embroidered with player name and/or number and will be provided to the player upon completion of the embroidery personalization. The total cost for these items will be approximately $225. Payment is due when the order is placed.

Additional Team and Spirit Wear

Hockey spirit wear for players, parents, and fans will be available for special order prior to tryouts, and cost of such items will be paid directly by the players/parents/fans for items they order. Order forms will be available online. Instructions and an order link will be provided to everyone via email once the forms have been finalized. Orders must be completed by the deadline on the order form. No late orders will be accepted.