Promotional Events

Home Game Promotional Events

Every season, the Blue Line Club working with the athletic department, student organizations, teachers and local businesses sponsors activities before, during and after varsity games to attract students and fans of all ages to games. The success of these events help to control ice fees and relies on Blue Line Club volunteers to arrange and coordinate for each of the following activities.

Pre-games activities

Prior to certain games, we will sponsor tailgate events to recognize the fans and raise money for the Blue Line Club. Volunteers will need to coordinate with game sponsor to set-up, serve, and tear down.

Game Sponsors

Game sponsors provide support for pre-game, game time and post game activities that engage fans and create an experience that brings them back for more hockey and fun.

Games Duties

The Blue line club is responsibility for providing penalty box attendants, the event announcer, appropriate music, and team support to record game statistics. Taking tickets at the door, managing the game clock and recording the official results is handled by the athletic department.

National Anthem

During certain games, we will coordinate with the music department to have the national anthem sung by either the Broadway Company or Senior Select Choir. On these occasions, it requires confirming participation by the music department, ensuring we have the appropriate audio equipment available, a temporary surface placed on the ice for the singers and the names of the singers available for the event announcer.

Otherwise, the national anthem will be broadcast from a recording.

Student engagement

Engaging Wally the Warhawk, the Gators, AHS Band and the AHS Booster Club are key to attracting students to the games. Volunteers work with each of the organization to confirm availability, coordinate schedules, and acknowledge their efforts and support.

Tee-Shirt Toss

At certain games, starting player will toss a T-shirt to fans when they are introduced. Additionally, between periods more T-shirts will be tossed.

Chuck -a - Puck

The Chuck-a-Puck event is held between the second and third period at every regular season home game. The event features “Triple Chuck-a-Puck” with three ways to win, 1.) Cash prize, lunch at local restaurant, and a pizza from local shop. Funds collected from the event are used to pay the winner and a source of fund raising for the Blue Line Club.

White-Out, Red-Out, etc. Theme Games

Certain games will be designated as “white out” games. The dates will be announced on the websites or via e-mails.