Volunteer Program

Program Overview

The Arrowhead High School Boys Ice Hockey program is supported by the members of the Arrowhead High School Blue Line Club (BLC) to help lower ice fees, ensure the players have the best possible hockey experience and attract students and fans to attend the games.

Through the efforts of the Blue Line Club Volunteer Program members we:

    • Subsidized uniforms and equipment
    • Sponsor team activities
    • Provide game time support and promotional activities
    • Facilitate fund raising activities to offset ice fees
    • Devise methods to attract new and existing fans to the sport and
    • Provide other general support for activities that promote the sport


A successful hockey seasons requires that all parents are involved in supporting the team. Whether you become a BLC board member or host a pasta dinner, each individual’s efforts contributes to a positive season. Every family with a child selected to either the Girls or Boys teams must submit a check for $500.00 following team selection or when their son is added to the team. This check will be held during the season and returned if the volunteer obligations as defined in this document are met. Those meeting the minimum volunteer obligation (100 volunteer points) will receive their returned check at the Annual Awards Banquet. All other checks will be cashed and deposited into the BLC general fund. Volunteer point requirements for parents of athletes joining the hockey programafter January 1st will be reduced by 40 percent.

Getting Involved

Committee chairs are appointed by the Blue Line Club president. Volunteer positions supporting the Committee chairs are assigned on a first come, first serve basis via online sign-up program, or at regular Blue Line Club meetings, or at specific events, or activities where the Committee Chairs are seeking and accepting volunteers.

Expectation of Volunteers

Individuals that sign up for volunteer positions are expected to fulfill the obligations of the position they have accepted. If circumstances arise that preclude fulfilling a volunteer obligation, it is the responsibility of the individual assigned to the volunteer activity to find substitute that is capable of performing the designated tasks. Points awarded for the task will go to the individual performing the task.

Volunteer Points Assignment

Volunteer points cannot be reassigned from one individual to another without approval of the BLC board. The Board will consider rare exceptions on a case by case basis.

Reporting Points

It is the responsibility of the Committee Chairs to report earned points to the Program Administrator (typically the BLC Vice President). The Program Administrator will publish a report to Blue Line Club members indicating YTD points, earned Committee Chairs and Volunteers, monthly from October through April.

Program Changes

Any modifications to the Volunteer Program for the upcoming season will be presented to the Blue Line Club membership prior to the scheduled October meeting.