Expectations of Players


We have a long tradition of excellence and sportsmanship. Please remember that participation in our athletic program is a “privilege” and not a “right”. Your responsibility is to leave the program in better shape than you received it.

The coaches expect accountability, respectability and responsibility. You must have a tireless work ethic in order to compete and be successful for the team, each team member and your education. Respect and sportsmanship are extremely important to our program and our staff.


  1. Respect your teammates, coaches, opponents, officials and yourself by following our code of conduct. You are representing your school and community.
  2. Your first responsibility is to your academic requirements. Respect your teachers and work hard to be an excellent student. If you have problems, ask your teacher for help!
  3. Respect the Mullett Ice Center and the staff. Our facility is an unbelievable gift from the Mullett family to our program. It is our responsibility to keep the locker room area and the facility clean at all times.
  4. Be respectful of the coach’s decisions and practice policies as well as other rules for the team.
  5. Be proud of the team, all its members and your efforts
  6. Have a positive energy and be enthusiastic. How we act affects those around us.
  7. Set high goals and do everything possible to reach them.
  8. Team sports are about communication. If there is any type of conflict or issue with the team or program, speak to a coach immediately so the issue can be resolved.
  9. Competition provides an opportunity for students to learn morals, respect, trust, commitment, community, responsibility and many other character building traits that they may not experience in the regular school environment.
  10. All school policies regarding alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other street drugs, along with performance enhancing substances for sports, apply to athletes at all times.


Your appearance influences how others view our program and school.

1. Game day dress requirements are to be followed by everyone on the team.

    • Team Warm-ups
    • Team hockey bag

2. Jewelry is not allowed during practice or competition. This will include earrings, watches, necklaces, rings etc. Players failing to follow this rule will not be allowed to participate.

Properly wear and maintain your uniform along with all other equipment.


1. All players are expected to ride the bus to and from all away games. Any students transporting themselves to an away game will not be allowed to play without prior written approval.

2. Students are required to ride the bus back to Arrowhead High School with the team after an away game unless a AHS Travel Waiver (see Forms Section) form has been filled out and signed by the Activities Director, and then presented to the coach prior to the trip.

3. The bus driver is to be respected and obeyed at all times.

4. No glass containers are allowed on the bus.

5. Only personal MP3 players with headphones are allowed on the bus.

6. Cell phones are not allowed on the bus. In case of an emergency, Players will have access to a coach’s cell phone.

7. All trash on the bus is to be picked up by the team after each trip.


1. Keep the locker room area clean and free of debris.

2. If someone is not keeping the area clean, it is your responsibility as a teammate, to make sure that they are keeping the locker area clean.

3. Absolutely NO cell phones or other recording devices are allowed in the locker room!

4. Any conduct unbecoming of an Arrowhead High School athlete in the shower area will be dealt with swiftly and severely!


1. The Varsity Equipment Rooms are another privilege that we are fortunate to have. Please keep your stall and area clean and free of debris (e.g. tape, laces, clothing and equipment.)

2. After each practice the room and floor, should be free of debris. Equipment should be stored in your individual stall. Sticks should be put in the stick rack and all other items put in their proper place.

If someone is not keeping their locker in order, as a teammate and user of the area, it is your responsibility to monitor the individual and keep them in line.

NOTE: Failure to keep the Varsity Equipment Room clean will result in loss of usage.

· First offence: Loss of Varsity locker and Equipment room for 3 days

· Second offence: Loss of Varsity locker and Equipment room for 1 week

· Third offence: Loss of Varsity locker and Equipment room for 1 month

· Fourth offence: Loss of Varsity locker and Equipment room for the rest of the season.


Each player is required to submit their individual objectives (see Form Section) for the each hockey season.

Objectives should include:

· Personal goals

· Team Goals

Additionally, seniors interested in the Carl Valimont Scholarship must complete and submit an application (see Forms Section) to be considered.


Each player must complete and sign the “Team Expectations Acknowledgement” form (see Forms Section) at the beginning of each hockey season.


These rules are to be followed and they are in place for many reasons. Failure to follow established team rules will affect a player’s game time and/or status on the team.

1. Students found in violation of team rules will be spoken to by the coaching staff. Coaches will also notify parents if there is concern.

2. Violating team rules will result in disciplinary action affecting game time and/or removal from the team.

3. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Parents and Coaching Staff


In order to make sure that the Arrowhead Hockey Staff is able to coach/teach your child more effectively, please make them aware of any chronic condition or medication(s) that they take daily. Please contact your son’s Head Coach to discuss all medical issues.


Please refer to the Athletic Injuries & Insurance section of the Arrowhead High School Parent/Athletic Code of Conduct Handbook.


If your son or daughter is going to be absent from a practice or game because of illness, schoolwork or family matters, the coaching staff needs to be contact immediately. Please contact the staff either in person or by phone. If at all possible, please make contact 1 hour prior to the scheduled practice, game or bus departure. Coaching contacts will be provided at the time of tryouts.





If your son or daughter goes home sick from school, contact the staff immediately by phone so they can prepare for practice. If it is for schoolwork, have your child come to the rink and let the staff know that he/she has schoolwork to attend to.


If parents would like to contact the staff, they are more than welcome to do so.

Please do not contact the staff if you are inquiring about:

· Your child’s playing time

· Team systems or strategies

· What your child needs to do to get more ice time.

· Lines or Lineups

If you or your child has a concern about playing time, have them contact the staff and setup a meeting. We are more than happy to guide and give advice, but we want the player to take the initiative in taking charge of the situation.