Transportation To/From Games

Arrowhead is responsible for transporting athletes to and from contests. The school is aware that unusual circumstances do arise in which a parent desires to transport their son/daughter either to or from a contest. If this occasion does arise, it is the responsibility of the athlete to obtain a permission form from the Activities Office at North Campus, Main office at South Campus, or from the Forms Section of this site.

This form MUST be completed and returned to the Activities Director prior to departure for the contest. Under NO circumstances will permission be given allowing athletes to transport themselves to or from a contest. Athletes may be released to be transported by another parent provided we have the transportation release form signed by the parent or legal guardian noting the parent to be responsible for transportation.

On occasion, when travel to play a game is excessive, the Blue Line Club, at its option, may elect to upgrade the team bus.

The Blue Line club provides a Jimmy John's meal for each player on the return trip from away games.